Hommage a Körösényi
Alkalmazásfejlesztés, Drónok, Fotogrammetria, Textúraszintézis, 3D modellezés

Ágnes Előd: Hommage a Tamas Körösényi, 2016


Tamas Körösenyi was a conceptual artist and a professor in sculpture at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. I know his work very closely because, as his student, I was his assistant in some of his projects. In 2003 I contributed in a video piece he made, titled My mind runs. In this video he draws a three dimensional spline with the light of a green head torch in a dark room. Later, he used the same spline to create a public sculpture for the new campus of the ELTE University. Two years ago I contacted the drone research team at ELTE to initiate collaboration, aiming to create moving light sculptures. After a long development period, finally this summer we were able to synchronize the 3D animations with their flight control software, and the first test flight took place. I was astound when they showed me the venue (a spacious field at ELTE campus) of the test flight, because it was just next to Tamas Körösenyi’s public art piece, the work I knew so well. That is why I created the Hommage á Körösenyi piece for the next test flight.
In the context of the SPAXELS project my piece is a bit different because, first and foremost, it intends to be and it is an autonomous, conceptual art piece, and secondly because the drone fleet I use is primarily designed to be able to do flocking and swarming movements by a self-organizing fashion. )